Saturday, 7 January 2017

Self-Immolation of Korean Monk in Political Protest Against President

Korean Buddhist monk, Seo (64), has set himself (or herself) on fire in protest of the corruption of the nations President Park Geun-hye.  The monk belonged to a Buddhist temple located in Jung-gu, Seoul.  From the current news it's not clear if the monks is male or female. It appears the self-immolation occurred on Saturday 7th of January, 2017. 
According to the Seoul National University Hospital, Seo is suffering from a third degree burns in his/ her whole body, but is in critical condition. A Seoul National University Hospital official said, "After completing the tracheotomy to secure the airway, we will check the patients condition and move to the intensive care unit."

Seo described the act as a 'body offering' (soshin gongyang; Korean: 소신공양) and said before the action, "I need to light the candle from the heart, "My prayer will not end until the day when all the people are happy, so I will not leave the old Bodhisattva." In his sketchbook found with his body it says,  "My death is not in vain ... My death should be the victory for the people, not the interests of any one group. I am returning to the elements of the universe. I do not leave any traces."
Seo's notebook
It appears that the Seo's self-immolation was in a protest against the Korean President who has been stripped of her powers because of allegations of corruption but she has refused to step down. 


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